Hip-Hop Shape Ice Tray or Chocolate Mold

  • Brand: Imprint Hut
  • Product Code: Hip-Hop Shape Ice Tray Chocolate Mold
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Hip-Hop Shape Ice Tray or Chocolate Mold


Use the flexible silicon tray to make unusual shapes of ice cubes or chocolate bars. The 3D Ice Tray or Chocolate Mold makes four designs of hip hop culture at a time and will make you an instant hit in front of your guests or family. Microphone, Dollar Sign, Turntable, and Boom box shapes are made by the mold. To get them out intact without chipping or cracking, push each cube from the bottom with your finger.


 Product Details

  • 2 of each are made at a single time – Dollar Sign, Microphone, Turntable and Boom box
  • Soft and Flexible Silicon material allows easy ice cube removal
  • Perfect for Ice, Chocolate, Gelatins and a lot more
  • Soft, safe, and healthy – very easy to use
  • High Quality Material used
  • Suggestion – Put it into Hot Water for a while before using to remove silicone smell.
  • Cleaning Instructions – Washable, Not Recommended for Dishwasher Use
  • Material – Food Grade Thermoplastic Elastomer


Product Dimensions – 15.8 cm x 13 cm x 2 cm